About NDCO

National Disability Coordination Officers are funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.  The national network of 31 NDCOs are hosted by various organisations who work collaboratively ensure equitable access to tertiary education, training and subsequent employment opportunities for people with disability aged between 15-64 years. There are 5 NDCOs are based in Queensland. 

Host providers such as Universities, TAFEs, Apprenticeship, Training and Community Service organisations support their NDCOs to achieve the program’s overarching key objective –

Driving change so that people with disability have equitable opportunity to access, participate and achieve their goals in tertiary education and subsequent employment.

NDCO’s work collaboratively to achieve this objective.

Queensland NDCOs contribute to projects improving transition, inclusion and accessibility at state and national levels.  Refer to National and State Projects page.


Learn  more on the services NDCO collaborate regularly with to drive change.

NDCO Stakeholder Mapping Document

Picture of the NDCO Qld team 2017

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