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EAQ Overview

The Queensland NDCOs have created an Alliance framework for the education, training and tertiary sectors across Queensland.  Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ) will encourage collaboration and interaction across the sectors within all NDCO Queensland regions; therefore enabling a coordinated approach and strong connection. The Alliance aims to improve education, training and tertiary transitions for students with disability.  

The Queensland NDCO team will work strategically across their five regions, identifying and addressing barriers with sector stakeholders towards positive and progressive outcomes for students with disability state-wide.  Stakeholders will connect encouraging an open environment that is better networked and informed to build capacity and address issues collectively.


TERM 4:  EAQ Communique 2 – EAQ NEWS
Date:  23 November 2020

COVID-19 Response Webinars

WEBINAR 1: Tertiary Education – What’s Changed for students with a disability?(Transcript Available)

Working with students with a disability or mental health condition who are considering tertiary studies? Get up-to-date information on the changes going forward.  Presenters: Representative – TAFE Queensland Disability Support Officers Network,  Chair – Disability Liaison Officer Queensland Universities, Representative – Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT); Careers Counsellor – South West TAFE.  

WEBINAR 2: Strategies for good mental health and resilience in times of change

Watch the webinar

Download handy resources collated from you during the webinar

GUEST SPEAKERS 1:  Monique Jones & Andrew Watkins:  Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute.         The Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience – Thompson Institute was established by the University of the Sunshine Coast as a hub for world-class mental health research, teaching and clinical services. The Thompson Institute pioneers a unique operating model that integrates clinical services, advocacy, research and education. The result is the fast translation of research breakthroughs into education and practice, contributing to the Institute’s mission to improve outcomes for people experiencing mental illness and find preventions and cures.

Opening in 2018, the Institute is already at the forefront of research for some of Australia’s most pressing mental health issues, including suicide prevention, healthy brain ageing and dementia, post-traumatic stress disorder and youth mental health. The Institute and its people are community-focused and believe partnerships with government and industry and the participation of businesses and the general public in education, research and advocacy are vital to the improvement of mental health on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Learn about opportunities the Thompson Institute has for young people and educators

GUEST SPEAKER 2: Scott Taylor – Senior Education Consultant, Townsville:  Be You, headspace Schools

Be You promotes mental health and wellbeing and offers future and current educators and learning communities evidence-based online professional learning, complemented by a range of tools and resources to turn learning into action. Be You empowers educators, helping them to develop valuable mental health skills and knowledge, while also providing an effective model for implementing a whole-learning community approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Be You vision is that every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient – a place where every child, young person, educator and family can achieve their best possible mental health. Beyond Blue was appointed to lead the creation and rollout of Be You, a national mental health in education initiative, by the Australian Government in June 2017. 

Listen to Johanna Griggs, one of the Directors of Beyond Blue explain Be You.

WEBINAR 3: Pathways to Tertiary    

Education has looked a little different this year.  In this webinar, we unpacked the pathways into tertiary education and the different levels of tertiary.

We heard from 5 guest presenters from the following areas: Queensland Government, University and TAFE.  They discussed  the options available to successfully transition into tertiary education as well as the current initiatives designed to engage and inspire students to consider a tertiary pathway.


Barry Ryan – QUT –

Lauren Raebel – CQUniversity  –

Taylor Antoniou – CQ University –

Bevan Repia – DESBT –

Meredith Jackson – TAFE Queensland –

Topics of discussion included:

  • Varied pathways into tertiary education
  • Transition pathways between VET and higher education
  • Queensland Government programs and subsidies
  • School Programs to raise tertiary awareness
  • Early entry to tertiary initiatives

DOWNLOAD the DESBT(Bevan Repia) presentation and information handouts below:

Growing our future workforce – DESBT

Skilling Queenslanders for Work FACT Sheet

Build your future DL brochure

Skills Disability Support Fact Sheet

Free Apprenticeships for under 21s

Early Entry Programs List2020


EAQ Communiques

EAQ Communique 1 – August 2020

Download the latest news specifically for schools and tertiary providers to learn on how NDCO is advocating for systemic change, new resources to support tertiary students and upcoming events for graduating students.

EAQ News August 2020

Inaugural Hub Meetings – 17 & 19 March 2020

We welcomed EAQ attendees on 17 & 19 March who joined us for the Inaugural EAQ meetings as we connected electronically via hubs with colleagues from across Queensland.

We heard from CQ University on the successful ConnectAbility initiative that connects high school students with disability to future tertiary education and training pathways.  There is great interest in expanding this initiative across a number of NDCO regions.  Learn More

We also shared our thoughts through our EAQ workshop and received some very good feedback on key topics within the education, training and tertiary sectors.  This information will help us to target relevant webinar topics for our EAQ Webinar on 2 June 2020.

EAQ LAUNCH – January 2020

The NDCO Queensland team launched this initiative in January this year.  During 2020 and beyond we look forward to working collectively with the education, training and tertiary sectors to ensure smooth transitions for students with disability.

Watch NDCO launch EAQ

Supporting our launch we had 2 presenters – ADCET and QHRC.  Learn how both of these services can be supportive of our education, training and tertiary sectors

Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training (ADCET).

ADCET provides information, advice and resources to disability practitioners, academics, teachers and students on inclusive practices within the post-secondary education sector

Queensland Human Rights Commission.

What does the Queensland Human Rights Act mean to the school, vocational and higher education sectors



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