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February 2019 Meeting
November 2019 - Supports at TAFE

Minutes November 2019

TAFE DSO Powerpoint

Standards for RTOs

Skills Disability Support

NDIS Mainstream Interface – Higher Ed and VET

Support for Apprentices with Disability

Flyer – LLN -Bracken Ridge


Know-Your-Student_speech language impairment

Know-Your-Student_physical disability

Know-Your-Student_learning disability

Know-Your-Student_intellectual disability






Know-Your-Student deaf hard of hearing working with interpreters

Know-Your-Student_deaf hard of hearing personnel and technology

Know-Your-Student_deaf hard of hearing communication

Know-Your-Student_cystic fibrosis

Know-Your-Student_crohns disease

Know-Your-Student_cerebral palsy

Know-Your-Student_blind low vision

Know-Your-Student_bipolar disorder

Know-Your-Student_autism spectrum disorders

Know-Your-Student_attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Know-Your-Student – Anxiety

Know-Your-Student_acquired brain injury

TQ Accounts Clerk

TQ – Administration

TQ Animal Care

TQ Artist

TQ Boilermaker

TQ Building and Construction

TQ Child Care Worker

TQ Community Worker

TQ Dental

TQ Education Aide

TQ Electrician

TQ Events

TQ Fitness

TQ Floristry

TQ Graphic Design

TQ Hair and Beauty

TQ Horticulture – Landscape

TQ Horticulture – Nursery

TQ Hospitality – Back of House

TQ Hospitality – Front of House

TQ Interior Design

TQ IT – Games Development

TQ IT – Networking

TQ IT – Web Design Development

TQ Justice

TQ Laboratory Worker

TQ Library and Information Services

TQ Maritime

TQ Mechanic

TQ Nursing

Personal Care Worker – Aged Care

TQ Photographer

TQ Plumber

TQ Retail

TQ Small Business

TQ Stage and Sound Production

TQ Travel and Tourism

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Workplace Mental Health

workplace mental health links
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 BBT Presentaton ToolBox

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SWITCH On DES Ipswich and Goodna Meetings

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