Region 19

Ellie Muller

NDCO Region 19
Gold Coast, Logan, Redlands, Beaudesert

Company: Busy At Work
Mobile: 0427 072 776
Email: ellie.muller(at)
Address: 6/45 Nind Street, Southport QLD 4215
Mail: PO Box 303, Southport QLD 4215

NDCO region 19 spans four local government areas and contains some of the most diverse cultural and socio-economic factors in a condensed geographical area. Region 19 includes City of Gold Coast, Redlands City Council, Logan City Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council.

NDCO works strategically with Schools, Tertiary Education and Employment providers, Local, State and Federal government agencies and a wide range of disability services in the region to improve the transition of people with disability from School into Tertiary Education & Training and subsequent Employment.

NDCO Region 19 is hosted by BUSY At Work, an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider with strong social values and a commitment to improving the lives of all people in the community, through meaningful education and employment.


TAFE Specialist Employment Partnership (TSEP)

The TAFE Specialist Employment Partnership (TSEP) similar to USEP is a service model that bases a specialist disability consultant one day per week on a TAFE campus, and aims to meet the specific needs of graduating or graduated students from TAFE with disability who are seeking employment.

TSEP postcard


Contact Person
Gold Coast Disability Taskforce Wayne Clinton To connect disability service providers on the Gold Coast
Gold Coast Youth Network To provide a forum for agencies (community sector and government) to discuss issues, concerns and outcomes impacting upon young people.
Southern Gold Coast Interagency Connect via Linked In
A general networking group for businesses and community members.
Scenic Rim Disability Network (SRDN) Kathiesmith (at) To connect disability service providers in the Scenic Rim.
Greater Beaudesert Region Mental Health Professionals Network Scenic Rim Regional Council (Kathy Forrest) Connecting community and organisations
Logan Disability Coalition Bldcoalition (at) To connect disability service providers in the Scenic Rim.
Logan Community Mental Health Collaborativ tgsjmhc (at) To connect disability service providers in the Logan region
Redlands Disability Network Rob Spender – STAR Community Service Rob7nlee (at) Connecting services within the disability sector.
NDCO Service Area 19

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