State and National Projects

National Projects

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The University Specialist Employment Partnership (USEP) is a service model that bases a specialist disability consultant one day per week on a university campus, and aims to meet the specific needs of graduating or graduated students with disability seeking employment.

As part of USEP, a project entitled ‘Making YOU your point of difference’ will be undertaking in 2019.  Drawing from the latest survey data from Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE), it revealed that graduates with disability equated to 2%.  From discussions held with AAGE (Australian Association of Graduate Employers) members have indicated that they are interested in sourcing graduates with disability to build diversity in their workplace.  The employers referred to, would like to encourage graduates with disability to disclose during the application phase. This disclosure will enable employers to ensure that current recruitment processes and embedded practices provide a platform for equal access. This is important as one of the reasons(evidence-based) for graduates reluctantly willing to share personal information is due to past perceived discrimination.  ‘Making YOU Your Point of Difference’ Project will aim to bridge this gap by videoing graduate employers talking about their focus on building diversity in their workplace and the benefits of sharing personal information during the application process, what they do with the information, etc.


The TAFE Specialist Employment Partnership (TSEP) similar to USEP is a service model that bases a specialist disability consultant one day per week on a TAFE campus, and aims to meet the specific needs of graduating or graduated students from TAFE with disability who are seeking employment.

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NYC Enquiry Project

National Youth Commission’s purpose is to work with governments to guarantee that all young people will develop the skills and capabilities they need to survive and thrive in the 21st century economy and society. The National NDCO working group is aware that there is limited information or literary material available that represents the voices of young people with disability in Australia. The NDCO working group are supporting young people with disability to contribute to the current NYC Enquiry to influence systemic change, focusing on influencing public policy in the areas of education and subsequent employment of people with disability.

State Projects

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The Education Alliance Queensland (EAQ) is an alliance of the education and training sectors.  EAQ will foster seamless education and training transitions for people with disability and will enable all educators and support staff to work together to improve successful education and training outcomes for people with disability.  Refer to Education Alliance page



A Survey of over 300 DES Consultants conducted recently revealed a gap in the training and knowledge of DES consultants. This translates to a direct impact on the quality of provision to people with disability.  Queensland NDCO’s have responded by developing a comprehensive handbook for all Consultants to utilise nationally. This resource will be rolled out in August 2019. 

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