Does the Australian Universities Accord have any impact on future graduates?

Australian Association of Graduate Employer Newsletter May 2023


ADCET Webinars

If you enjoyed the webinars above, you can find additional webinars on the ADCET website –


ADCET:  Access & Inclusion in Tertiary Education – Northern Arizona University.

NDCOs David and Darlene recently hosted a discussion with Jamie Axelrod, Director – Disability Resources at Northern Arizona University.  In this podcast Jamie shares some of the issues and approaches facing tertiary education facilities in the US along with some  of the responses, approaches and coordination happening to support students with disability during these difficult times.

ADCET:  Access & Inclusion in Tertiary Education – Karlen Communications Canada.

Listen as NDCOs David and Darlene host a discussion with Karen McCall from Karlen Communications about the pandemic and its impacts on access to education.  Karen shares with us her passion for the creation of a global inclusive education standard, some of the pitfalls of the pandemic with regard to accommodation not inclusion, and chats with us about procurement, law vs. attitude and more.

ADCET: Access & Inclusion in Tertiary Education – Ireland

AHEAD in Ireland is well known for their promotion of Universal Design for Learning. NDCOs David and Darlene spoke with Dara Ryder, the CEO of AHEAD in Ireland to talk about key issues surrounding COVID-19 for students with disabilityThis Listen to how Ireland works to support their further & higher education sectors in relation to students with disability.

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